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Lowell biodigester clears financial hurdle | Business

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Lowell biodigester clears financial hurdle
Lowell biodigester clears financial hurdle

LOWELL, Mich.—A system fashioned after a cows’ stomachs will soon power Lowell.

Sustainable Partners (Spart) announced Wednesday that it had completed financing for Lowell Energy AD, which is a waste-to-energy facility located at the former manufacturing site at 625 Chatham.

Spart has been working on the project for two years.  The facility will use anaerobic digestion technology to convert organic waste into methane, which will then be used to power an 800 kilowatt electric generator around the clock for Lowell Light and Power.    

“Our city is more than just a nice place to live,” comments Mark Howe, city manager, “We are committed to leveraging the leading technologies to make Lowell a hub for food production. The biogas plant offers a new way to handle organic waste and increases the capacity of our wastewater system.” 

Anaerobic digesters work like a cow’s multiple stomachs to extract energy from organic waste, producing biomethane, which is equivalent to natural gas.  Germany is home to more than 7,000 of these types of plants.  Lowell Energy AD is tapping into German engineering to introduce an AD plant unlike any other in the United States, with upflow/downflow/reflow technology.

Construction on Lowell Energy AD is expected to begin early this year.