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Lowell's Pink Arrow Game Gets Mobbed! | Community Spirit

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Lowell's Pink Arrow Game Gets Mobbed!
Lowell's Pink Arrow Game Gets Mobbed!

As many of us know the Pink Arrow game is one community coming together to help support local families struggling with the devastation that cancer can cause through the Gilda's Club of Lowell.  Not only is this a time to raise funds to help families that may be struggling with this disease but it is also a time to help educate the community. 

One day as I was teaching a class a light bulb turned on.  Let's do something exciting at the Pink Arrow game, something that can get the kids involved and moving!  The Pink Arrow Flash Mob was born.  A simple way to help prevent cancer is to get moving!  If we teach the kids when they are young to get out and move everyday they will be healthier.  The Let's Move Initiative, launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, helps teach both parents and children the importance of fostering environments that support healthy choices.  Last Spring Beyonce joined the movement by rewriting one of her songs and titled it "Move Your Body".  She also provided choreography for the song.  I thought this would be the perfect choice for the Pink Arrow Flash Mob.

The week of the Pink Arrow game I met with Lowell High School, Middle School, all 3 elementary schools (Alto, Murray Lake, Cherry Creek), the bus garage, high school band and numerous Varsity teams including Volleyball, Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Golf and the Cheerleaders to teach the flash workout.  Not only did I meet tons of people I saw the enthusiasm, first hand, that the Lowell Community has for this event.  

As the game was being played the excitement for the flash mob was growing.  Children from all the schools were taking their places around the field in their secret mob location.  Each school and team were cued to jump in at different points in the song.  The buzzer went off to cue the start of halftime and as the football team left the field the music started to play.  The band and cheerleaders stormed the field with everyone expecting the band to go into their halftime performance.  Instead they sat their instruments down and began to dance.  At each "mission" in the song each group jumped in until the football field was filled with children of all ages dancing in unison to the song.  Even the visiting team, Reeths Puffer, joined in on the act when their cheerleaders ran out on the field to join the Lowell cheerleaders.  

It was truly an amazing experience.  I want to thank everyone who helped me in pulling this event off including Lowell Area Schools, Tabitha Goldsmith, Kate Rehmus and Monica Sanders.  I could not have done it without any of you.  THANK YOU!