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Lowell Schools Want 1 Mill for Infrastructure | Environment

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Lowell Schools Want 1 Mill for Infrastructure
Lowell Schools Want 1 Mill for Infrastructure

A letter shared by the Lowell Public Schools Superintendent is asking voters to approve 1 mill to for a district sinking fund. The money would be dedicated to infrastructure improvements including safety and security enhancements, much needed roof replacement, energy savings, and asphalt replacements.


Letter from Lowell Public Schools Superintendent Greg Pratt


January 7, 2012


Dear Friends of Lowell Area Schools,


In October of 2012, the Board of Education approved a motion to ask the residents of the

Lowell Area Schools to authorize a 1 mill district sinking fund proposal. The election for

this renewal is February 26, 2013. The Board and district administration is committed to

maintaining our facilities in good condition for thousands of students and community

members that use our schools on a daily basis. The Lowell Area Schools must remain

competitive in order to draw families and students in a light of the many schools of choice

options that exist across the county.


Approval of a sinking fund will allow the Lowell Area Schools to address infrastructure

needs in our school system, most importantly, safety and security. Please be aware that, by

law, any Sinking Fund revenues are dedicated to make infrastructure improvement

and repairs to school district facilities. The proceeds cannot be used for teacher,

administrator or employee salaries or other expenses. If approved, 1 mill will generate

approximately $730,000 each year, for 7 years. In example, if you own a home valued at

$75,000, the annual cost would equate to $37.50. Without the sinking fund, the district

would have to use general funds from its budget for necessary infrastructure repairs. As

good stewards of tax payer dollars, the district is pursuing a sinking fund approach thus

eliminating borrowing and interest costs.


Our plans include safety and security enhancements, much needed roof replacement, energy

savings, and asphalt replacements. Attached you will find an informational brochure that

provides specific information on the projects, how dollars would be allocated, the district’s

pay-as-you-go master plan strategy, and the need for a sinking fund. Please take a moment

to review this important information.


The Lowell Area Schools believes in investing in our children’s future. We will continue to

address the most pressing infrastructure needs in order to provide safe and healthy learning

environments to ensure the best educational experience possible.


Please feel free to contact me if you have a question regarding the information provided on

the attached sinking fund proposal brochure.



Greg Pratt

Superintendent of Schools