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Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day | Families

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Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day
Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day

Yes, it may be cloudy out right now but come this afternoon the sun should be peeking out.  What should you do on a day like today?  How about grab the family and celebrate National Get Outdoors Day?  National Get Outdoors Day was launched June 14, 2008 and has been an annual event ever since.  It is also an extension of the Get Outdoors USA! campaign which encourages Americans, especially the youth, to seek out healthy, active outdoor lives.

In today's world, children are connected to technology more then ever.  Whether it be from video games, computers, ipods or cell phones it's time to bring the youth back to nature.  Back to the days where we spent the summers riding our bikes around the neighborhood till the street lights came on.  Spending a Saturday afternoon fishing with grandpa or taking a morning hike with mom.

You can find over 100 events in the US participating in National Get Outdoor Events.  You can find events at parks, museums, lakes and nature centers.  Find a full list of events at www.nationalgetoutdoorsday.org/locations.  Find an event near you.  

The beauty of the day is it is easy to participate, grab the family and plant a garden.  Take a fishing trip.  Find a local hiking trail, the North Country Trail in Lowell, is the perfect place for a family hike.  You can even end the hike with a picnic at the river.  The opportunities are endless.  Just GET OUTDOORS!