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Zumba Gold Comes to Green Acres Retirement Living | Health

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Zumba Gold Comes to Green Acres Retirement Living
Zumba Gold Comes to Green Acres Retirement Living

Zumba Fitness proves age is just a number as it brings the fitness party Zumba Gold to senior population.  Zumba Gold is designed for the active older as well as the de-conditioned exercise. 

You're only as old as you feel, and Zumba Gold is helping a whole new generation feel young, vibrant and sexy.  Research shows those who remain active in their golden years can see tremendous benefits to their health and quality of life.  A growing number of 70 to 90 year old Zumba-fanatics confirm it.

Zumba Gold incorporates the contagious Latin and international rhythms already popular with the seven-and-a-half million people taking Zumba classes each week, but is performed at a lower intensity that is safe and effective for all ages.  The program takes in account  specific elements of aging such as arthritis, blood pressure, heart disease and bone density and its dance moves are adjusted to to fit these needs.  The program's design includes special attention to depth perception, potential hearingand vision impairments and protection of knees, ankles, hips and other joints.  Zumba Gold also provides a much needed social network and support system, especially for those that have lost spouses and family members.

The program is now being offered to the residents of Green Acres Retirement Living.