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Yoga with a Kick!
Yoga with a Kick!

Jon Koga, Long Island Native, and creator of The Koga Workout (combination of Kickboxing & Yoga in one AMAZING Workout) is unleashing his Koga Workout worldwide.   As seen on The Dr Oz Show, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, AFAA’s American Fitness Magazine and many more.

Back in 2001 on a morning jog, Jon, was doing some soul searching, he was thinking about ALL the latest fitness crazes that had been popping up via infomercial's AKA the dreaded "fat belt" stimulator that melted the fat away as you sat at your desk (try not to laugh to hard) also the "thigh master" to name a few. At the time, he was managing a health club and taking some Yoga classes to help with the daily stresses of life and also teaching a spin off version of the Industry changing "Tae Bo" workout. Jon decided one day at the end of his workout to do something NOBODY had ever done before....he dimmed the lights in his "Tae-Funk" kickboxing class and proceeded to introduce approximately 12 minutes of yoga postures as his cool down with the class ending with everyone standing in prayer pose reflecting on their lives through pranayama (Sanskrit word meaning extension of breath). The response was simple amazing! (The name "KOGA" hadn't been born just yet). Crowds started flocking to every class . When he sat back and evaluated the class, he thought "nobody would ever think of combining two fitness extremes in one as I have done". Jon is proud to say that KOGA is the very first Hybrid/Fusion fitness workout of today (this is documented through his trademark and copyright in 2001). Back in 2001 it was taboo to even think of tarnishing the Yoga practice by incorporating a high energy element to it. Since then, we now have many hybrid workouts out there such as Yogalates, Yoga Box, Inten Sati etc. But remember, Koga is the “Founding Father of Fusion Fitness“!

Now rewind back to Jon's morning jog in 2001. While on the jog he said to himself...... “I have thousands of people loving my Kickboxing class and going crazy over the combination of the two fitness concepts“. What he also found out was that many Yoga enthusiast's really did want to have something a little more "High" energy in their workout but were a bit skeptical to take a conventional group fitness class in a health club setting.  In the same token, many fitness enthusiast's were also intimidated to try a Yoga class because they weren't as they stated “flexible" enough. He thought as he continued his jog ”I have to come up with a creative name for this concept”. The very first name that popped into his head was K O G A ! He thought to himself, NO WAY, this is too perfect. Well, his jog had turned into a run by now and he anxiously ran home to get on the computer and Google his new creation KOGA! At the time, a bike company called Koga Miata bikes had come up and a law enforcement self defense gentlemen named Robert Koga had come up as well. As a matter of fact, he has a nice following in Hawaii because KOGA is a very popular name. Jon's birth last name is very long and Italian and very unmarketable aka John Galimulla. It was real easy to make his DBA Jon Koga. Kind of rolls off the tongue a lot nicer.

Since 2001, millions of lives have positively been changed because of Koga and the workout has evolved into many programs that he is very proud of. They have Koga Kidz (being taught as a phys-ed class in over 50 districts throughout the tri -state area. Koga for the more "mature" our seniors program, Koga I CAN ... I WILL....special needs program for the United Cerebral Palsy & Autistic . You see, KOGA is the first workout to for everyone. Women & men have become KOGA ADDICTS over the years and literally change their schedules around to take Koga classes. Jon did a study that showed between 750 & 1,150 calories are burned taking a 1 hour Koga Workout. By incorporating the plyo-metric and Iso-metric movements into this workout, they have created a workout like no other. The term S.E.M "Simple Effective Movements" has been born. Also, their self affirmation terms (once again, they were the first to use them in group fitness) "Tell Your Body What To Do" and "I Can.. I Will..." to name a few. The Koga Workout is now in HIGH demand in the fitness industry (due partly to a great article written in AFFA’s American Fitness Magazine March 2011) and a national Koga Workout Certification has been launched (for details go towww.kogaworkout.com). The demand prompted Jon to make a Koga Workout home DVD (#1 selling workout DVD on the internet today) and can be purchased also @www.kogaworkout.com.   You can also see a LIVE demo for yourself at the Lowell Community Wellness Health and Fitness Fair on July 9th at 2:30pm during the Riverwalk Festival.  Come join in and find out what Koga is all about!