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911 calls about Lowell plane crash released | News

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911 calls about Lowell plane crash released

LOWELL, Mich. (WZZM) -- There were so many people who saw the January 19 plane crash at the Lowell City Airport that 911 dispatch was bombarded with emergency calls for help.

On Monday, the Kent County Sheriff's Department released some of the recordings of those calls.

The crash involved a student pilot attempting a solo landing. He realized he was coming in too fast to safely land at the airport, but when he tried to gain altitude to come back around for another approach, his small Cessna stalled, clipped some trees, and dropped straight down onto the driveway of a home on Lincoln Lake Ave., prompting the string of 911 calls.

"I would like to report a plane crash in Lowell; it happened about 10 seconds ago," one caller is heard reporting.

"I am in Lowell -- actually, right across from the Lowell airport -- and I just saw a small plane crash right before my eyes," another caller said.

"Any idea if anyone is injured," a dispatcher asked.

"He's injured; it looks like they got someone out, and he is walking but he is stumbling around."

The student pilot was taken to the hospital and kept for a few days, but does not appear to have any permanent injuries. His flight instructor says even after the crash, the student wants to continue with his flight lessons.