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Lowell residents keeping eye on flooding | News

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Lowell residents keeping eye on flooding

LOWELL, Mich. (WZZM) -- Spring rains often bring spring floods, and in Lowell it is something that has happened quite regularly over the years. A trip Monday to where the Grand River meets the Flat river reveals the Lowell Fair Grounds under water.

Luanne Kaeb is the education director at the Lowell Historical Museum. A quick search reveals the many times Lowell has flooded. "This is the 1904 flood that covered Main street," says Kaeb. "Main street has been covered several times throughout history."

A year later main street flooded again. Luanne pointing to a building next to the river. "This building was rebuilt after the 1905 flood, there were two other smaller buildings that were washed away and never rebuilt," says Kaeb.

The 1905 flood swept away a couple of buildings that caused them to get stuck on the nearby train bridge.

Lowell flooded again in 1948. A train bridge that can still be seen today had water up to the tracks. "They used loaded train cars on the top to hold it down in case of flood waters," says Kaeb.

In 1960 Lowell was hit by another flood. Pictures of that event show homes surrounded by water and some of those same homes are still there today.

Monday the Grand River was spilling its banks. "The water level is very high normally in Lowell, there is 11 feet of headwater," says Jim Doyle VP of King Milling who runs the dam. "That is the amount of drop there is at the dam normally. Now there is almost no drop."

"We consider these conditions to be normal spring flooding," says Doyle. "It is not anything that we are real concerned about at this point. If we were to continue to get a lot of rain, we could become concerned."


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